Rabies (1 and 3 year)

Canine Core: Distemper, Adenovirus, Parvo, Parainfleunza, Coronavirus

Feline Core: Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Feline Calicivirus, +/-Feline Leukemia Virus

Non-core vaccines: Bordatella and Lymes

Routine diagnostics

IDEXX Canine 4Dx Plus: Canine Heartworm, E. Cannis, Lymes, Anaplasmosis

IDEXX Feline 3Dx: Feline Heartworm, Feline leukemia virus(FeLV), Feline immunodeficiency virus(FIV)

Fecal flotation with deworming strategies

Procyte Complete Blood Count (IDEXX)

Senior blood panel (IDEXX): Blood Chemistry, Blood electrolytes

NSAID blood panel (IDEXX): Limited blood chemistry



Canine/Feline/Exotics Neuter or Spay

Canine/Feline Dental cleaning and tooth removal

Soft tissue biopsy with histopathology (Outsourced)

Emergency soft tissue and orthopedic surgery

Ophthalmic surgery - eyelid deformity correction, emergency desmetocele surgery, eyelid soft tissue mass removal, "Cherry eye" correction

Advanced diagnostics

IDEXX in-house: Urinalysis with Sedivue technology, Phenobarbitol levels, T4/Cholesterol levels

IDEXX Diagnostics Referral

Kord Animal Health Diagnostics Laboratory (KAHDL)

E.I. Medical Imaging - ibex ultrasonography (Ultrasound)

Portable and in-house radiographic imaging (X-ray)

Cytology - in-house and referral